Harrison Argatoff is a Canadian tenor saxophonist and composer based in Toronto. A 2018 graduate of The University of Toronto’s jazz program, he strives to present an original musical voice capable of imparting personality, diligence, and vulnerability. Having grown up a Doukhobor, in the interior of British Columbia, teachings of pacifism, communal music making, and respect for life and nature deeply influence his personal and artistic endeavors. Harrison’s music combines the study of free-improvised, jazz, and classical music.

“Somewhere between Bach, BL!NDMAN and Mark Turner.”
– Jazz Halo, by Georges Tonla Briquet

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“As Though I Knew” – Remote Video

Valley Voice is a contemporary jazz quartet featuring Dan Fortin (acoustic bass), Michael Davidson (vibraphone), Ian Wright (drums), and Harrison Argatoff (tenor saxophone). Inspired by the beauty of BC’s interior region, this group explores composed and improvised material, focusing on diverse orchestration, thematic development, and rhythmic variety.

Over the winter of 2021, Argatoff composed a handful of new pieces, exploring unfamiliar ideas from recent composition lessons. Although the process was slow, grinding, and often frustrating, a springtime remote recording process was exciting and fulfilling, with the music transformed from imagination into reality. “As Though I Knew” is the first of the new pieces.

“39” – Studio Video

Ian McGimpsey and Harrison Argatoff are an acoustic guitar and tenor saxophone duo. Their music draws from both singer-songwriter and contemporary jazz idioms, and is the result of an intensely collaborative compositional process.

A pairing inspired primarily by Nick Drake and his album “Pink Moon”, McGimpsey and Argatoff focus on simplicity, honesty, and meaning. Their latest album, “Ontario 559 West“, is “a contemplative reminder of a life sadly lost, but also an unexpected pleasure, and from a most unusual source.(JazzWeekly, by Simon Adams)


I enjoy teaching students of any skill level! I have experience teaching saxophone technique, improvisation, music theory, and composition. For lessons, I charge $30 for a half hour, and $50 for an hour. I offer a free 20 minute preliminary lesson to discuss goals and ensure a good match.

I am happy to teach online, or in person in the Toronto area (outdoors and at a distance, for now). Click here to read further about my experience and approach!

If you are interested please be in touch via my contact page.

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