Dreaming Hears the Still

The debut CD for saxophonist Harrison Argatoff and pianist Noah Franche-Nolan, “Dreaming Hears the Still” draws heavily from western classical and jazz music, using composition as a medium for expression and improvisation. This CD features 9 pieces that capture both unique individual musicianship and a distinct approach to the saxophone-piano instrumentation.

Noah and Harrison first met at a Youth Jazz Canada summer program in 2014. They developed a close friendship and exciting musical association after years of intermittent collaboration as undergraduate jazz students at The University of Toronto. This duo was officially formed in the winter of 2018.

Dreaming Hears the Still was released in November of 2018.

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“The music works on two levels…it rewards careful listening but can coexist easily in the background, as it is atmospheric and melodious.” – Chase Sanborn

To purchase a hard copy of the album, use my contact form! An album is $10 plus postage (between $2-5).

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Noah Franche-Nolan

Noah Franche-Nolan is a Toronto-based pianist, composer, arranger, improviser, and educator. He has toured across Canada and Europe with Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger Project, appeared on many records as a side-pianist, released his debut record, and has played in many notable Canadian jazz festivals and Canadian music venues. While completing a Bachelor of music through the University of Toronto with a major in jazz comprehensive piano and a minor in classical composition, Noah studied with notable composers and performers such as David Braid, Dave Restivo, John Hollenbeck, Gary Kulesha and Sasha Rapoport.

Harrison Argatoff

Harrison Argatoff is a Canadian tenor saxophonist and composer based in Toronto. A 2018 graduate of The University of Toronto’s jazz program, he strives to present an original musical voice capable of imparting personality, diligence, and vulnerability. Having grown up a Doukhobor, in the interior of British Columbia, teachings of pacifism, communal music making, and respect for life and nature deeply influence his personal and artistic endeavors. Harrison’s music combines the study of free-improvised, jazz, and classical music.