My Lessons

I currently teach online, or in-person in the Toronto area (outdoors and at a distance, for now). I teach in both 1hr ($50) or 30min ($30) durations, and offer a free 20 minute preliminary lesson to discuss goals and ensure a good match. For in-home lessons, I usually charge a $6.50 travel fee.

My Methodolody

I find considerable enjoyment and excitement teaching music, with topics including saxophone technique (embouchure, hand position, posture, etc), improvisation, music theory, and composition.

In my lessons I place particular value on the “how” and “why”, hoping to present a complete picture of what we’re working on, why I think it’s important, and how it will help us reach our goals. I strive to structure my teaching around individual student’s needs, with the goal of generating and sharing in the enjoyment, growth, and satisfaction of learning music.

My Experience

I am a 2018 graduate of The University of Toronto’s jazz program. I have four years of private teaching experience, and have presented workshops in high schools and universities across Canada. My musicianship incorporates the study of jazz and classical technique, improvisation, music theory, and composition.

I have studied the saxophone extensively, a former student of Dave Liebman, Wallace Halladay, Mike Murley, John Johnson, Kelly Jefferson, Kirk MacDonald, and many more. Compositionally, I have studied both classical and jazz methods with Sasha Rapoport, John Hollenbeck, Andrew Downing, Terry Promane, and others.

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