Toronto Streets Tour

Toronto Streets Tour is a solo album from Toronto-based saxophonist Harrison Argatoff. This album captures the essence of his 2019 “Toronto Streets Tour” project, in which he performed 30 consecutive solo concerts on the streets of Toronto.

This project was inspired by the frequent hearkening of a return to jazz’s old days (playing a show every night), the desire to challenge personal habits regarding the performance of challenging repertoire, and the hope of sharing meaningful and honest music. Read more about the project here.

Recorded in an enormous concrete archway under a bridge, this album is made up of nine original compositions and two traditional songs. Harrison explores rhythm, melody, and extended saxophone technique to sew together 13 pieces amidst the clatter of vehicles overhead birdsong nearby.

With the help of producer Patrick O’Reilly, this album was recorded over two weeks in June of 2019, and was released on May 9th, 2020.

Harrison Argatoff is a Canadian tenor saxophonist and composer based in Toronto. A 2018 graduate of The University of Toronto’s jazz program, he strives to present an original musical voice capable of imparting personality, diligence, and vulnerability. Having grown up a Doukhobor, in the interior of British Columbia, teachings of pacifism, communal music making, and respect for life and nature deeply influence his personal and artistic endeavors. Harrison’s music combines the study of free-improvised, jazz, and classical music.

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“With Argatoff, it is not so much about breaking through codes, but of creating his own dialectic with already existing components, albeit in unusual circumstances. Somewhere between Bach, Bl! Ndman and Mark Turner.” – Jazz Halo, by Georges Tonla Briquet

Argatoff has rendered a recording of remarkable creativity… [he] transforms his tenor into a resonant fog horn, a helicopter and perhaps the sprockets of a Super 8 projector…” – TheWholeNote, by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

“…Argatoff tests moods and dynamics and is allowed to drift as far as he can, challenging the listener to do the same.” – Jazz Buzz, by Vangelis Aragiannis

“Argatoff is in complete control of his instrument and plays touching little melodies, so creating emotional and captivating music.” – Wulf Muller’s Music Blog, by Wulf Muller

“His sound is strong and confident, and the entire idea, concept and delivery is a work of true bohemian art.” – Jazz Weekly, by George Harris

“A solid, crafty move to get out of the gate.” – Midwest Record, by Chris Spector

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